Ooops! Even Apple can get things wrong, would you believe? It has been left with severe egg on its face after instead of putting Justin Vernon, AKA Bon Iver’s first single ‘Calgary’ which has been taken from his much anticipated new long player, it put the whole album on sale. iTunes quickly took it down once they realised their mistake, but this wasn’t fast enough to stop fans downloading the album and having it all over file sharing and torrent sites within an hour.

Funnily enough, neither iTunes nor Vernon’s record label and lawyer are making any public comment, but you can imagine that there would have been some choice words exchanged between all parties. It’s not the first time that iTunes has stuffed up. Back in 2009 they accidentally put Kelly Clarkson’s All I Ever Wanted album on sale a month early through its Norwegian store, while in 2008 they did they same thing to The Raconteurs with Consolers of the Lonely.

Vernon, meanwhile, has been hitting the press trail for the album and he says of the self titled second album that it’s an extension of his debut, For Emma, Forever Ago. He reckons that the lyrics continue on from that album, saying “This is the record I wanted to make my whole life. Lyrically, it’s an extension of ‘For Emma.’ It’s like, what happens when you leave that place? You don’t necessarily arrive somewhere new right away.”