What’s your name and what team do you play for?
Jacinta Parsons – Megahertz

How Many Community Cups Have You Played?
This will be my third game

What Band Do You Play In or Radio Station Do You Disc Jockey For?
I broadcast on Triple R on a show called Detour, Wednesdays 9am-12pm

What position Are We Likely To See You In? (On The Ground That Is…)
An awkward position

What’s Been The Key To Your Training Regime In The Build Up To The Match?
Alcohol. I have consumed more alcohol the night before our regular training sessions this year, in an effort to stretch the limits of my mind and body. I feel like I’m coming into this game with my drinking chops at a heightened level.

Who’s Your Rock n’ Roll Footy Hero and why?
Paul Kelly or PK as we know him on the footy field. He is the true example of an old-school ethos of football: back to a time when being a good bloke/sheila was as important as your drop punt (is that a real thing?).

What’s The Worst Thing You’ve Done To Anyone Behind Play?
I am too vague to have even realised when the play is ‘behind’ – maybe I should have been practicing this in training… there is always next year…