What’s your name and what team do you play for?
Jo Syme, The Espy Rockdogs

How Many Community Cups Have You Played?
This is only my second

What Band Do You Play In or Radio Station Do You Disc Jockey For?
I’m in a two-piece called Big Scary

What position Are We Likely To See You In? (On The Ground That Is…)
Most likely some sort of pocket

What’s Been The Key To Your Training Regime In The Build Up To The Match?
I cuddle a Sherrin while I sleep, and use an old football bladder as my hot water bottle in these cold Melbourne nights

Who’s Your Rock n’ Roll Footy Hero and why?
Pete Murray. Cos he’s nearly both, but neither.

What’s The Worst Thing You’ve Done To Anyone Behind Play?
I didn’t laugh at ****’s joke. Then they got really offended and couldn’t concentrate on play