You might remember how we recently talked about the fact that Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme had signed up to read British kids a bedtime story on TV, well now we know exactly what the suave rocker will be using to send kids off to bed.

According to a Tweet by the BBC’s CBeebies network, Homme is set to read the story Zog, by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Alex Scheffler, with his edition of the program set to premiere on Friday, October 6th.

As NME reports, a spokesman for the network further expanded upon what Josh Homme is set to be reading to kids. “He tells the story of Zog, a student of Madam Dragon’s school, who is very accident-prone,” the spokesman said. “Will a mysterious little girl help him win a golden star?”

The spokesman also confirmed that Josh Homme had recorded a further two stories for the network to broadcast in the future, although details for those stories are still to be released.

As we outlined last time for those who may be unaware, the BBC’s CBeebies network is a television channel designed for kids aged six and under. The channel features guest presenters throughout the day for a ‘storytime’, in which the presenters, usually celebrities, read a story to the younger viewers. Simon Pegg, David Hasselhoff, Chris Evans, and Tom Hardy are all names that have been snared by the network previously, and now Josh Homme is able to add his rock star status to the ever-growing list.

While we’re sort of doubting that Josh Homme’s bedtime story will have much appeal for the average rock fan apart from his very presence, we can only hope that some music fans might be using it to kickstart the rock education that they’re giving to their kids.

Josh Homme’s bedtime story is set to broadcast on the BBC’s CBeebies network on October 6th. In the meantime, check out ‘The Evil Has Landed’, from Queens Of The Stone Age’s most recent record, Villains.