Oh dear – the ego has landed! Hip hop super star Kanye West was playing to the reindeer at Bergen Calling Festival in Norway on Tuesday when one of the biggest egos in the world took a humiliating tumble off stage.

During the song ‘All Of The Lights’ he appeared to be looking at his adoring fans in the crowd more than where he was treading on stage and before you know I he had disappeared out of sight in what appeared to be a far from choreographed fall from grace.

Like the super trooper he is, however, and no doubt wanting to shove his ego back in the spotlight; West clambered back on stage, with amusingly his vocal presence not missed in the performance as the backing sequencers seemed to be carrying the show.

Clearly the ‘Golddigger’ star is a bit jetlagged and worse for wear with his jet setting taking him from Splendour In The Grass in Queensland two weeks ago to gigs in the US, then the UK last weekend and then on to Scandinavia.

West raised more than just a few eyebrows earlier this week when footage emerged of him having a rant at the Big Chill Festival in Herefordshire in the UK, saying that he was here to save the music industry and that people in the industry compared him to Hitler. Naturally this speech drew more than a few boos from the crowd and based on his recent activity, we think Kanye needs a holiday stat!

See footage of the fall below