Woah! It’s barely seven months since Kanye and Jay-Z were bunkered down in Sing Sing Studios in Richmond in inner city Melbourne working on tracks together while the latter was in town with U2 on their massive 360 Tour back in December, after we first received suggestions that the two may be collaborating in October last year.

We then heard that an album might be coming out as soon as early January but let’s face it, the two made the announcement when they were shitfaced on expensive champagne at a News Year’s Eve do in Las Vegas. Hence we were right in assuming that it might take a little longer.

Now evidence is growing to suggest that it will be out on Monday as a digital only download, to coincide with US Independence Day. According to MTV, citing influential hip hop website AllHipHop, “I am hearing one of the craziest rumors in a minute. Word on the block is that Jay-Z and Yeezy are going to release Watch The Throne on MONDAY as a digital ONLY release.”

The writer continued: “I may add Kanye and Jay have said absolutely nothing about the date of release even though they released ‘H.A.M.’ earlier this year. This rumour of Monday is in tune with the previous 4th of July rumours that I posted. But, the digital-only part is new.”