Sydney and Melbourne have received a taste of real celebrity action with supermodel Kate Moss joining her new husband Jamie Hince of The Kills as they played shows with some of the hottest tickets in town in Sydney earlier this week and then at Melbourne’s Prince of Wales last night. As soon as the paparazzi got wind that she would be in town, they’ve been following her every move with snaps of her hanging out in Melbourne and Sydney being run in newspapers and magazines around the world.  In Sydney on Wednesday night she was spotted dining with Hince at the trendy Flinders Hotel before the band’s gig at The Metro, and returned there for the after party we’re reliably informed.

Speaking exclusively to Tone Deaf, Troy Ramaekers, drummer for support band on the tour Teenage Mothers, revealed that Kate has been very relaxed and friendly, and had a long in depth conversation with Teenage Mothers front man Raph Brous after one of their Sydney gigs. Ramaekers says the paparazzi pack following her and her hubby has gone from a handful of snappers before the first Sydney gig by The Kills to a full on paparazzi pack following them around. Laughing, he says he’s “glad not to be in the same Tarago” as The Kills and their entourage with the number of photographers following the glamour couple around.

Moss is expected to bring her no doubt designer gumboots to Splendour In The Grass this weekend where she’ll be joining a coterie of world famous  celebrities backstage and in the VIP Bar. Rumours abound that Chris Martin of Coldplay’s wife, actress Gwyneth Paltrow will be joining him for some quality time while they play their only Australian show at the festival, and with rumours also around that Kanye West has brought his buddy Jay-Z to the festival and they’ve been recording tunes with Russell Crowe, there will be some serious star spotting to do.

The Tone Deaf crew are headed up there today and will be reporting back from the festival site with all the gossip and celebrity spottings. However, we’d like to remind Kate Moss that Tone Deaf spies spotted sniffer dogs at Brisbane Airport today so she’d be advised to leave her penchant for party powders behind this weekend.