We’re glad that trailer park trash pop starlet Ke$ha, who must have almost reached the 14 minutes and thirty seconds of her allotted share of fame has come clean on her dirty sexual proclivities. Now far be it for us non-pop stars get on our high horses about someone’s certain needs and desires, but we couldn’t help but pick up on this one.

You see, we heard a very funny story about Ke$ha’s visit to Sydney last year and although we wanted to share it, we’ve it’s inappropriate for even a website like Tone Deaf. So let’s start off shall we? The NME reports that the ‘free spirit’ from Buttfuck, Alabama or some nearby US Southern city likes “to pee on weird things.”

Sure we all do Ke$ha – some of us even in a toilet. Although for boys a longneck will sometimes suffice  – if you’re desperate and indoors. But fellers, if you get invited to her tour bus, she she says that … “Any guy that comes on my bus, because it’s a bunch of chicks, we take a picture of their wiener area. We have a wall. The wall of wieners. We’re like, ‘Drop Trou!’ See how it feels.” Apparently she really speaks like that. Nothing a university arts degree couldn’t fix.

However, back to a story we heard from several people – apparently a guy who shall remain nameless was unexpectedly picked up by the pop starlet in Sydney last year. He guarantees that that little snippet of salacious gossip is not even dirrrtttyyy by Ke$ha’s standards.