In an interview with a British newspaper over the weekend, Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood has revealed that the man who snorted his Dad’s ashes, human riff Keith Richards, has also superglued his teeth back in. Wood has been hitting the publicity trail for his new album I Feel Like Playing, as well as basking in the glory that is being nominated – at 63 years of age – for the Best Newcomer award for his radio show.

Wood hosts a weekly radio show on British digital radio station Absolute Classic Rock, where he spins his favourite records and fill fans in on his life in The Faces, The Rolling Stones and the cast of thousands of rock stars he has worked and partied with. Despite all his stories of he and his band mates’ excess, when the interviewer enquired as to why his teeth were in such good nick, Richards revealed that he ‘glues’ his teeth back in when they fall out.

“A couple of these have fallen out”, he says, referring to his pearly whites.” I got the superglue out. Luckily, last time this one fell out Ana [his current girlfriend] had some glue in her cupboard.” When asked if the type of glue in questions was super glue, Wood admitted that while he didn’t use superglue, his band mate did. “Nah, it was dental glue. Keith did it with superglue once. It’s a good stand-by.”