Keith Richards had a go at Mick Jagger for ‘joining the Establishment’ when he famously accepted a knighthood and became ‘Sir’ Mick, but if we’re to believe our favourite trashy tabloid rumours, Richards is set to team up on a project with none other than former US President and fellow skirt chaser, Bill Clinton.While details are scant at the moment, it would appear that there will definitely be a saxophone involved, with the former US President very fond in the past of whipping out his errr, sax, to play for the TV cameras.

Reports suggest that Keef n’ Bill had dinner last week, with Richards coyly telling reporters “Unfortunately, it’s under wraps – we talked about saxophones.” While the idea could initially seem far fetched, it’s worth remembering that Mick Jagger has set up his new supergroup with Damian Marley, Joss Stone and Dave Stewart, which will most likely keep The Rolling Stones out of action for a bit.

Keef gets notoriously tetchy when Mick has a side project, which led to him forming the X-Pensive Winos in the 1980s when Mick flirted with a fairly unsuccessful solo career. Hence if past form is anything to go on, you wouldn’t want to put it past him. While Clinton has admitted to being around drug use before, infamously saying that he smoked a joint but ‘didn’t inhale’ perhaps he and Keith have plenty in common after all. Keith soon got tired of smoking heroin when he was becoming a full blown junkie either. He merely injected straight in to his veins.