Kids these days have been subjected to some pretty horrendous products of the internet. From Jake Paul to the cast of Dance Moms musical outputs, it’s easy to think that music marketed towards teens is, for the most part, total trash.

In the latest installment of the enduring and ever-entertaining Kids React series, youngsters were subjected to the doom bringing, darkness drenched goodness of Black Sabbath.

Considering previous reactions kids have expressed towards heavier bands, the overall consensus on the enduring musical force was they were pretty damn good. Who would’ve thought….

There were a few initial scares, eliciting a very warranted,¬†“they sound like they could haunt you in your sleep”, however, after the shocks set in, the kids absolutely¬†lapped up the distorted goodness of classic tracks like ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Paranoid’.

“It’s good, it”s loud, it’s everything you want in a rock or metal band,” You SAID it Sydney, a 10 year old who was also able to pick up on the fact that it was indeed Ozzy Osborne who was fronting lead vocal duties. Of course, aside from the love, there were plenty of (and expected) “my dad listens to this a lot”.

What a shame, Download Festival is an 18+ event….