King Gizz and their legion of fans are never shy of getting a bit wild at gigs, and their overseas fans are just as enthusiastic as we are, if this new footage is anything to go by.

As Music Feeds reports, the UK punters at King Gizz’s recent Brighton show took the concept of crowd surfing further than it’s probably ever been by carrying lead vocalist Stu Mackenzie all the way from the stage and into the literal surf, “baptising” him before kindly returning him back where they found him so he could get on with the set.

Apparently the frontman told the British crowd about a similar effort that took place at a recent gig in Italy, and suggested that they do the same because, despite what we’ve heard about England, it was actually a pretty hot night.

“Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Stu from King Gizzard stage dives and gets crowd surfed from the venue into the sea and back!” says Daniel Quesada, who snapped the image above. “All this while the band still playing. And yes, I got in the water too knees deep.”

While we’re pretty jealous of seeing these antics, we certainly can’t complain about a lack of madness on home soil, with the band recently playing a ridiculous run of eight sold-out nights in a row – all in the same venue.

They even filmed an entire two-hour set in 360 degrees, so that’s about as close as you’ll get to their antics until they return home to drop their next album Murder of the Universe at the end of the month ahead of appearances at Splendour in the Grass, Spilt Milk and, of course, the return of Gizzfest.

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