If you’ve been a participant on the wild ride that King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have made 2017 into, then it might be wise not to unbuckle your seatbelt yet, because even with only 24 days left in the year, the immensely prolific group have promised that album number five is still on the way.

Music lovers the world over entered this year with the knowledge that King Gizz were planning to release an absolutely astounding five records in 2017. After Flying Microtonal Banana‘s February release, and Murder Of The Universe being unleashed in June, fans were thinking that the band might just deliver on this promise.

In August, we received Sketches Of Brunswick East, but until the band dropped Polygondwanaland for free last month, folks were beginning to doubt the group would have enough time for album five, especially with their Gizzfest touring commitments. Now, fans can rest assured with the knowledge that the band are still gearing up to blow your minds once more this year.

Speaking to Consequence Of Sound, frontman Stu Mackenzie told fans that “the last one is still coming together, but it’s definitely less “themed” like the other four have been.”

“The four records that have come out so far, they were the initial four that came together, and they were the ones we had ideas for last year,” Mackenzie said. “And the idea for the fifth one was to have all of the songs – they’re definitely not B-sides or anything. They’re more songs that didn’t work in any of the the rest of the four records, or they didn’t fit into any of those categories that well, or they came together slightly after when those records came together.

“For me, sometimes, songs need a longer or shorter incubation period,” he continued. “Sometimes you don’t really know. So the fifth record is this place for us to put a lot of different ideas that we’re trying to experiment within the song, rather than within the whole record.

“And for me, some of my favorite songs of the year are on the fifth record. It’s more song-oriented than album-oriented. But things are still possible to change.”

Of course, the only down side to having so many King Gizzard records in one year is how we’re going to sort out our Hottest 100 votes. Seriously, with 53 songs released this year, it’s going to be pretty hard for just one song to crack the countdown. Think carefully about your votes, folks, as we wait patiently for King Gizzard to release their unprecedented fifth album for 2017.

Check out King Gizzard’s recent jam, ‘Crumbling Castle’: