It was only a couple of weeks back that King Gizz dropped their second album of the year, Murder of the Universe, grabbing the #3 spot on the ARIA charts along with a handful of great results in the U.S., but the tireless band have revealed that their follow-up is already complete.

Speaking to triple j, they went into a bit more detail on the upcoming collab record with Mild High Club frontman Alexander Brettin, Sketches of Brunswick East, revealing that it could drop at any moment with little fanfare.

“[Mild High Club] came over and played Gizzfest with us in December and [Alex] just stayed at my house for a few weeks,” frontman Stu Mackenzie told the station.

“We were sending each other these really rough, vague ideas before that… usually just a chord progression or a melody – these interesting, chilled, jazzy, loose improvised pieces.

“Then we spent up until a month ago going back and forward, changing them, cutting things out… finished the record that way.”

So, the record’s done, and apparently being released “hopefully very soon”, although with half a year left to go before they need to have completed their promised four albums for 2017, we’d expect a little while longer to wait – and it’ll be a surprise when it arrives.

“We’re just gonna drop it at any point. It’s just coming out, straight up,” drummer Eric Moore added.

Until then, we’ve got the new clip for ‘Invisible Face’ to enjoy, as well as Gizzfest 2017 and a potential collab with film director and huge Gizzhead Edgar Wright.