Ever left your mobile internet enabled phone on a table or under the watchful eye of a mate while you go to the toilet, out for a smoke, order a drink from the bar etc etc and come back to find that they’ve updated your Facebook status to inform all your friends that you like to perform unspeakable sex acts with animals?

Or go to check your twitter account to find that your mate has announced that you fancy that cute boy/girl you’d just been gossiping about and now you want to die of embarrassment? Well, if it’s any consolation, it can happen to rock stars as well.

Kings of Leon front man Jared Followill was out for a drink with a mate who he has graciously only referred to as ‘Doug C’ when he forgot to lock his phone, with Doug C informing the world by Followill’s twitter account “I just got married in Ibiza,” the tweet read. “Witnessed by @dougc2001 & Cassandra Marie. Please welcome Mrs. Stephanie Followill. Now going on my honeymoon!”

Ladies, you can all relax, as apparently he’s still on the market, informing his followers that his mate had gotten the better of him in their prank war. “Looks like @dougc2001 got me again. Have to start locking my phone. Still on the market,” Jared tweeted. “Just to clear something up @dougc2001 is not a hacker. He’s a very close friend with whom I am in a prank war with. 1-0 Dougie. I got next.”

In case you were wondering how he was going to get even, it involves Viagra and one of Dougie’s grandparents’ birthday parties, with Followill sly saying. “I think he has a grandparent’s bday party coming up. I’m going to spike his drink with Viagra. ‘Come give Gam Gam a hug, little Dougie’