Reports have surfaced that several Youtube videos of Kings Of Leon’s onstage meltdown have been removed by the bands management from the video sharing site, while others have been yanked for ‘copyright violations’. Naturally it has nothing to do with copyright violation and more to do with lessening the impact of the tour’s cancellation and the potential for insurers to claim their losses back from the band and management.

Reports from insurance behemoth Lloyds of London suggest that the recent shock cancellation of the band’s US tour could cost it as much as $15 million in insurance payouts to promoters and venues. The tour came to an abrupt halt in Dallas Texas last Friday night when front man Caleb Followill embarked on a rant to the crowd, telling them that his voice was shot and he couldn’t go on, before rambling on for several minutes before saying he was leaving the stage to vomit and to get a beer. Followill didn’t make it back to the stage and his band mate, brother Jared Followill, was forced to confront the crowd and apologise.

Billboard claims that although some of the videos were successfully removed, the band’s management company has struggled to get the ones showing the onstage meltdown pulled because as no music was being performed at the time they did not constitute a copyright violation.

Before it gets pulled check out the footage of the incident here: