We all know they’ve got a certain way with the laydeez, but the hirsute boys of Kings of Leon look like they may be able to add another string to their bow when it comes to being suave and sophisticated – it looks like they may be up for writing the next James Bond theme! Apparently actor Daniel Craig who is currently tenured as the seventh James Bond has asked the Tennessee stadium rock gods to write the 007 theme on three different occasions, but each time they’ve knocked him back.

However, it looks like it could be fourth time lucky for Craig, with Kings of Leon front man Caleb Followill confirming that were he to be asked by Craig again, he might just strike it lucky. He’s said “I’ve always wanted to work with strings so that would be a good excuse to do it.” Followill was discussing a new documentary entitled Talihina Sky which has been made about the band and uses archival and personal photos and footage to tell the story of the band’s rise from learning basic chords in their garage to strutting the stage in stadiums across the world.

Released on June 25, Talihina Sky: The Story of Kings of Leon covers their whole career bar the exception of the making of debut album Youth & Young Manhood in Los Angeles after footage was stolen. “We had filmed every bit of the process,” Caleb said. “Us in the garage, writing songs, learning E chords and G chords, really good stuff. But we had a rental car, and we left the camcorder in the car, and it was stolen. They stole the most priceless footage. People are going to want to know more about those early days, but we don’t have it.”