Most of the A&R and talent scouts at record labels have long been made redundant or sacked, such is the changing nature of the music business. Instead they’re using organisations like Tone Deaf to scout out who’s got talent and who might just be the band that will explode internationally. It’s a fair bit of pressure on us!

Still, onwards and upwards because we’ve put together a record company showcase event at Ding Dong Lounge this Saturday 6th November where acts you may not have heard of but will be blaring out your radio in a year’s time will get to strut their stuff before a select bunch of music biz people. Headlining are one of our finds of the year, the mighty Kingswood, featuring the vocal talents of Fergus who is the living reincarnation of Acca Dacca’s Bon Scott! Joining them to strut their stuff on the night are the rising stars of Kingswood, Atlas tone, The Run Run and Secretive George – which of them are going to go straight to the top? With $10 jugs before 10pm and the Tone Deaf DJ crew packing out the dancefloor until the wee hours, this is your chance to become a groupie from the start!