Metallica have been everywhere of late as they continue to promote Hardwired…

They slugged through a disastrous performance at the Grammys with Lady Gaga, indulged in some carpool karaoke with James Cordon, destroyed a super-fan in a quiz on Jimmy Kimmel about Metallica, and now Kirk Hammett has done one of those reaction videos, in which he is treated to a selection of YouTube’s finest Metallica covers.

Hammett seemed particular taken by a banjo cover of ‘Master Of Puppets’, exclaiming, “It’s amazing, first, that they would take the time to learn the song, and I think they probably had to learn it on the guitar, and then they’d have to pick up the banjo and transcribe it.”

He was shown lullaby versions of Metallica, and the Beatles/Metallica mash Beatallica.

Check it out, below.