Let’s face it, rock stars are used to living lives of excess and craziness, with many of those musicians who have reached a legendary status tending to become a little drunk on their own power. That’s basically the only way we can think to write off this awkward interview with KISS in which they forced a “disrespectful” interviewer to remove his Iron Maiden shirt.

As Loudwire reports, a clip from a 2012 South American interview with KISS has surfaced, with many criticising the band for their inexplicable behaviour in the clip. While the interview seems to start relatively normally, it’s when the band members realise that the interviewer is wearing an Iron Maiden shirt that things start to go south.

“KISS is spelled K-I-S-S, this does not spell KISS, Gustavo,” said vocalist Paul Stanley, pointing to the shirt. “You made a big mistake.”

The interviewer was quick to explain that he thought it wouldn’t be cool to wear a KISS shirt while he interviewed, them, but apparently that wasn’t enough. “I don’t want him wearing an Iron Maiden shirt,” Gene Simmons added, before asking someone off-camera to fetch one of their shirts for the interviewer to wear. “How about if you were Iron Maiden and we wore KISS t-shirts, is that okay?” Simmons asked.

Soon, Paul Stanley rather patronisingly made a joke about the interviewer, saying “Gustavo is very smart, that’s how you get a free KISS t-shirt, you show up with the wrong shirt.”

Stanley then admitted that the band are indeed fans of Iron Maiden but explained “You’re at a KISS concert, it doesn’t show respect. You’re in our house.”

The interviewer tries to get things back on track, but before long, he is forced to turn his Iron Maiden shirt inside out, before eventually being gifted with a KISS shirt by members of the band.

While we’d like to write this off as a joke by the band, they all seem too genuinely offended for this to just be a prank of sorts, leading us to wonder just how they can take themselves so seriously.

Check out KISS’ awkward interview: