The Thin Green Line Foundation supports the families of park rangers killed (conservative estimates come in at 500 deaths, though unofficial numbers are expected to place the figure higher), and prevents further frontline conservation ranger deaths through training and equipment supply.

Coming together to raise urgent funds for this awesome cause are Spiderbait legend Kram and one of Australia’s best and most-loved roots artists Ash Grunwald. Regulars at Cherry Rock 2010 will remember the two artists having a kick arse time on stage, though now they’ve formalised their partnership – if for the Thin Green Line Foundation benefit – under the moniker KRASH (clever, no?).

Joined by funk/punk trio Tubovas, DJ Max Crawdaddy and a very special guest (to be announced soon) KRASH will hit the stage at The Prince Of Wales this weekend with 100% of proceeds hoping to improve the situation for the families of rangers. Around 60 families from across the globe, including areas such as Cambodia, the Congo, the Ivory Coast, Colombia, Argentina and South Africa, have been aided by The Thin Green Line Foundation.

KRASH will also be launching their first single at the event.

Tickets are $20 and are available at The Thin Green Line Foundation or The Prince Bandroom websites.