Nirvana legend Krist Novoselic has formed and joined a few projects in his time since he was the bassist for one of the biggest bands of all time, and his latest is his brand new project Giants In The Trees, an environmentally-tinged outfit who’ve just dropped their debut video clip, entitled ‘Saskwatch’.

Filmed around Novoselic’s region of Washinton, the clip highlights the beauty of the region, in which Consequence of Sound reports Novoselic has been particularly active, working for the local sustainable farming community.

Novoselic riffs on his environmentalism in the comments section, explaining what went in to the apparently high-budget production.

“I bought the property the video is filmed on,” he says. “To pay for the production I cut all the trees and am now building a golf course on the land.”

“This video cost over $2 million to make,” he adds in another comment. “The reason is, it was shot on a soundstage and all of the flora is made from plastic, foam and other materials to get that natural look.”

Clearly not taking himself too seriously, but still putting together some pretty solid ’90s-influenced rock, we look forward to seeing what’s next for the outfit – but it’s just nice to see the musical Saskwatch himself clearly doing what makes him happy.