Wow, does it make you feel old that Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain is now 18 – indeed she turns 19 next week? She’s effectively divorced her mother, after a judge last year awarded custody of her to her grandmother  – Kurt’s Mum Wendy O’Connor,  and Kurt’s sister Kimberley and she’s also lived the life of celebrity offspring, working as an intern for Rolling Stone and doing the odd spot of guest vocal appearances on recordings and the occasional fashion shoot.

She’s announced this month, however, that’s she’s all grown up, with a raunchy fashion shoot she’s completed with photographer to the stars, Hedi Slimane. The black and white photos show a tattooed young woman who bear a resemblance to both parents but also a striking resemblance to model Megan Fox. She is shown posing against an American flag, puffing endlessly on a cigarette and showing a penchant for ripped tshirts and gothy cardigans. It’s okay – they’re just about safe for work but you probably wouldn’t want a boss who isn’t a music fan looking over your shoulder while you do.

You can check out the shots here