Tsk Tsk. It seems the wowzers amongst us just never let up. It seems only yesterday that some misguided individuals deemed Nirvana’s iconic album cover for Nevermind to be too offensive for Facebook, ultimately getting it banned from the social network.

After a huge public backlash the cover was eventually allowed back on but that hasn’t stopped more people with too much time on their hands from complaining. According to Pitchfork, French electro duo Justice and their label Ed Banger Records learnt that the hard way when their new artwork for forthcoming single ‘On’n’On’ was promptly removed from Facebook after a number of complaints.

The cover features the classic Justice cross made to look part of a mining operation with a naked girl in the corner of the image. The girl is carefully posing so as to not reveal too much excepting some side-boob.

But that hasn’t stopped the fun police from taking prompt action. Furious that fans of the label would report the image, owner Pedro Winter (aka Busy P) launched into a stinging attack in a post on the labels page.

“For some reasons, some of our “fans” complained about the nude girl on the Justice new single cover…. Facebook deleted the photo and sent me some warnings emails…” he wrote.

“Let’s play a new game my friends, please oh please stop following us, let’s get less fans, we don’t need you here. It’s time to make a choice, if you don’t trust us, you should not waste your time with such a shitty label right ? To the other ones, those who are following us since day one, those discovering us now, let’s stay strong, ED REC is soon 9 years old, thanx to you.”

The post has garnered over 2,500 likes on Facebook and hundeds of comments from fans mostly agreeing with Winter. You can watch a hilarious fan-made music video for ‘On’n’On’ below.