Finally. We’ve been waiting so long, three years to be precise, for Pip Brown (AKA Ladyhawke) to release a follow-up to her ARIA-Award winning self-titled debut that we started to think it would suffer the same fate of fellow Modular act The Avalanches’ follow-up.

But news just in front Modular HQ is that the new album, titled Anxiety, is due to be released in Australia on 16th March 2012 with releases in the UK and the US shortly after.

We first caught wind of the progress of Anxiety in an interview last year with Triple J Magazine where Pip said “Everything on the album is a little bit anxious-feeling, disjointed, but not in a negative way, just a weird sense of abandonment. I made up different versions of myself; it’s my head going crazy.”

At the time she blamed ‘crippling exhaustion’ from the whirlwind that followed the runaway success of her debut for the delay in recording a second record. Apparently she hid away in her home country, New Zealand, after suffering from a complete breakdown.

Next week BBC 1 and triple j will premiere the first single, ‘Black, White & Blue’, so tune into BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe show on Monday January 23 or triple j breakfast on Tuesday January 24 (AEST).

In the meantime you can watch and listen to an early teaser of her new material below.