Sure we’ve heard about you before, but we think it’s time for Tone Deaf to get to know you a little better. Slip in to something comfortable while we put on some music, pour us a couple of drinks and turn the lights down low.

Who are you and what do you do in your act?

My name is Dan Crannitch and I play guitar and sing.

‘Fess up. What records have you stolen from your parent’s record collection and why?

I grew up hearing my Dad play a lot of old blues and reggae records, plus a lot of country stuff like Willie Nelson and Hank Williams – I pretty much stole all those records in my teens.

What’s on heavy rotation on your iPod right now?

At the moment I’m really loving Justin Townes Earle’s ‘Harlem River Blues’, also ‘Women and Country’ by Jakob Dylan, the newie by Drive By Truckers and also this amazing 50’s barroom rock n roll record by Fred Eaglesmith called ‘Falling Stars and Broken Hearts’.

‘Home taping is killing the music business was the catch-cry of the record industry in the 1970s, but it managed to survive until now. What do you think is the difference between mates taping copies of friend’s records back in the 80s and 90s and file sharing now?

I guess file sharing is fine to an extent, as long as it means more people hear more good music and then in turn go out and see it live. Live music seems to be going from strength to strength – I guess if people aren’t spending too much on cd’s etc they probably don’t mind paying a lil extra to see it live.

You must answer this question honestly or we steal your rider. What was the first gig you went to.?Where was it and what was the venue?

The first gig I went to was when I was about 11. My mum took me to an Eagles concert at Hindmarsh Stadium in Adelaide. I loved it!

What’s your favourite site to download music from and do you ever pay for it? Can we find any of your releases there?

Sorry for the cop out but I’m actually too computer illiterate to know how to download stuff from pirate sites!

What artist made you want to pick up an instrument and/or sing?

The first thing I heard as a kid that really made my ears prick up was ‘Get Around’ by The Beach Boys and ‘All Shook Up’ by Elvis. But the thing that really made me pester my Dad for a cheap guitar was Hendrix.

Have you ever been arrested?

Not really, got told off once for nicking a Mars Bar in yr 8, I’m not really much of a bad boy.

Do you have any particular ritual before you go on stage, or even a lucky charm you take with you?

No crazy rituals before a show, a couple of drinks always helps.. more preparing to just really try and open up and let the good stuff in.

What’s been your most outrageous rider request?

Unfortunately we’ve never made any crazy rider requests.. I’ll report back on that one!

Because it’s more fun to do things together, which living Australian artist would you most like to collaborate with? Tell us why?

So many amazing Australian artists to choose from! Nick Cave, Timmy Rogers, i really like Paul Dempsey too. A female to sing harmonies with is a real pleasure and I’ve had the pleasure of singing with the delightful Holly Throsby and Sarah Blasko, and they’re probably my two fave Australian female singers – check out Holly on the choruses to the track ‘Our Love’ off our up coming second album.

Right, let’s get really intimate. Tell us what releases you have that we can listen to with the lights down low, or even better, where we can see you play in person next.

Well from July 15 you’ll be able to get down and dirty to our second album Lotus Skies and you can catch us live while we’re touring across the country from June 10 to the 21st with The Middle East. Then you can see us at Splendour In The Grass and with Gomez in August. Come up and say hello! Xo