Melbourne quintet, The Toot Toot Toots are well regarded as one of those ‘They are amazing live’ bands. A sound derived from the country/blues swagger, they have arrived at a time I like call ‘The Convict Comeback’. Likened to The Graveyard Train and Clinkerfield, The TTT’s have spent the past 2 years gigging up and down the East Coast and around Melbourne. Not only entertaining you musically, visually (if you’re lucky) you’ll be perched upon your bar stool, trying to keep your balance without taking your eyes off their dazzling partners in crime, The Go Girl Gadget Go Go Dancers.

Their self-predicting prophecy states: A Foot Stompin’, Horn Honkin’, Go Go Dancing, Spaghetti Western Freak-out.

‘Let Lead Rip’ is the first of the two singles from the ‘Double A-Side’ release. Instantly, The TTT’s have an obvious man-crush on Tom Waits, vocally and musically. The growling vocals set the tone of this story-telling track, the swaggering riffs and featured horn section make you want to put on your cowboy boots, pretend you’ve got a pistol in your back pocket and a horse to ride off into the distance with. The chorus chants ‘One girl lost and twelve men slayed’ paints a picture of a late 1950’s Western flick with lead vocalist Danny Eucalyptus and backing vocalist Giuliano Ferla (Percussion, trombone) drowning their sorrows over a whiskey or two.

Let Lead Rip / Gommorah Fields by The Toot Toot Toots by showoffservices

The second single ‘Gommorah Fields’ is a snappy, punchy track filled with grit and rock ‘n’ roll. An emotional desperate plea to ‘see the light of day’, this track is filled with a sense of urgency, the violin adding to the intensity of the song. I don’t think the recording does this song justice, however you can still bet that you’ll be toe-tappin’ and heel clickin’ when their debut album is released early 2012.