Considering that Liam Gallagher is the man who once sang the words “all I need are cigarettes and alcohol”, it would be pretty wise not to get between him and his cigarettes, especially considering his world-renowned levels of anger. However, the Oasis singer was recently asked for ID while buying some cigarettes, and the Internet is having a field day with the situation.

As NME reports, Gallagher recently Tweeted his frustration at being unable to buy cigarettes without proper identification. “I’ve just been told I can’t buy cigs unless I got ID im 4FUKIN4 has the world gone mad,” he wrote on Twitter, sand his classic ‘LG x’ sign off. Soon enough, the Internet went to town on the situation, delivering snide remarks, and Oasis puns left, right, and centre.

“Saw Liam Gallagher in departure lounge at Gatwick two weeks ago – he did look bloody good for 44,” one Twitter user wrote, while another noted that Gallagher must be rather peeved, based on the lack of his famous sign off. Others of course, started throwing Oasis puns at the 44-year-old. “Stop crying your heart out,” one wrote, and of course, “Don’t look back in anger.”

This frustrtion that Liam Gallagher is feeling must have been pent up for quite a while, coming after news that he knocked back a collaboration with Foo Fighters at Glastonbury, and weeks after he infamously proclaimed that he would rather eat his own shit than listen to U2. Needless to say, we hope that Gallagher remembers his ID in the future, because we know what he can be like when he’s angry.