Despite Beady Eye not bothering the charts excessively with their debut album and the singles stiffing, it hasn’t dampened the fire in Liam Gallagher’s belly, and he’s still in fine form when it comes to sledging other musicians in interviews. In a recent interview he managed to attack not only his estranged brother Noel, but also nu-folk heroes Mumford and Sons.

Speaking of his brother and their split, Liam snarled “Noel, for whatever reasons he’s fucking spinning this week, left the band. We didn’t split up. He decided he wanted to get off and show the world he could turn a light switch on and off and write a tune. Everyone knows he can write songs and he was the main man in Oasis, but obviously that wasn’t enough for him. But I never thought, “That’s me. I’ve had my 18 years or whatever in the sun.”

Gallagher wasn’t reticent about Mumford and Sons either, dismissing them as ‘Amish’. He sniffed “I’m sure they’re all nice lads but that’s not for me, man. They look like fucking Amish people. You know them ones with the big sideys that don’t use electricity? Growing their own food and putting barns up. I need music to be a bit more sexy and played by people who look a bit fucking dangerous.”

He also wasn’t too shy about his thoughts on this weekend’s Glastonbury Festival either. He says he’s not interested in playing the event at all, dismissing it as (expensive London rag trade strip) “Bond Street with mud”. He says “I’m not, mate. Listen, I don’t wake up in the morning and go, “Here you are, the world according to Liam Gallagher.” Someone asked me about Glastonbury so I told them that last time I played there it was sh*t. You can hear the crowd talking while you’re playing, they don’t put any money into the PA and it’s just full of f*cking idiots. It’s like Bond Street with mud.”