Oh wow, who’s a wimp now? It looks like Noel & Liam Gallagher’s Mum Peggy has pulled them by their respective ears and banged their heads together just like the Tone Deaf crew’s Mums used to do when we’d been fighting with our siblings.

Whatever she did, it looks like it worked because Liam Gallagher has dropped the lawsuit he launched against his brother and former band mate Noel last Friday, suing him for comments he made alleging that he was too hungover to play the V Festival in the UK in 2009. The no-show precipitated the now infamous break up of Oasis.

Speaking on an online fan chat, Noel conceded  “For the record, it is a fact that he was diagnosed with laryngitis and it is a fact that he had a doctor’s note to prove it. I’d just like to say that if he gets offended by my opinions on such things then I apologise. It’s all getting a little silly and out of hand and it’s not very cool.”

Apparently that was enough (Was Liam listening???) for Liam to pull the lawsuit. (Or most likely his Mum had been giving him an ear ache all weekend over the kerfuffle). Our friends at London’s favourite trashy tabloid, The Sun, wheeled out their usual unnamed source to say “Liam had spoken to his mum Peggy and she was upset by the whole episode.

That was playing on his mind then he had a moment of realisation that Noel wasn’t being vindictive – he was just being cheeky. It was an anger that had built up over two years because he was so angry Oasis was over.” Indeed Noel, talking abut his upcoming solo tour, said he couldn’t play many Oasis songs without his brother being there.

He told BBC Radio 6 “I couldn’t do ‘Supersonic’ or ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’ or ‘Lyla’, that is a shame .I wouldn’t attempt to do the more rock Oasis songs as Liam has such a great rock voice.That is a shame, that those songs will not be heard for the foreseeable future anyway. I think it’s sad as they’re great stadium anthems. We’ve all got to move on. I might do a jazz fusion version of them further down the line.”

Sounds like the ice is thawing already. As Liam and Noel both contemplate paying school fees for their kids in a few years’ time, shall we pencil in an Oasis megabucks reunion tour for 2015?