Liam Gallagher can be a bit of a lad at times, speaking his mind whenever he likes and not worrying about who he may offend. Though if there’s one thing we can’t fault him on, it’s his taste in music, as evidenced by the dream gig he says that he would love to see happen.

Taking to Twitter this morning, Liam Gallagher sent out a series of Tweets in which he responded to a fan who asked if he would be performing another UK tour this year.

“Stay tuned but I’m gonna round up the troops for something big next summer, all are welcome,” he wrote. “Now we have your attention, stay tuned. We are family – Gallagher vibes in the area.”

Of course, this got a few tongues wagging, with another fan reaching out to Liam to state they would love to see a lineup that also featured the likes of The Stone Roses and The Verve. Gallagher soon responded by saying that he’s been wanting to organise a similar lineup for years. “What a night, some people need to get of their high chairs,” he wrote.

As we know, Oasis famously broke up back in 2009, while The Stone Roses and The Verve have also undergone famous splits in the past. While The Verve have been active off and on over the years, they haven’t done anything major since 2009. Likewise, The Stone Roses reunited in 2011 after 15 years away, though a recent gig indicates that they may have broken up once again.

Only a few weeks ago, Liam stated that he would love to form a supergroup of sorts with members of those famous groups. “Anyone that would be in a supergroup, or that would have anything to do with a supergroup, are all solo,” he said. “There’s far too many solo stars out there for my liking and not enough bands. I’m doing this cause I have to. I’d much prefer to be in a band.”

“The ideal ones would be the guys out of The Stone Roses. I think they just split up, so that would be good,” he continued. “[The Verve singer, Richard] Ashcroft would be good. There’s a lot of people out there, but the majority of them are all doing their own thing. But, if they want to do one, give us a shout. I’ll do it.”

Of course, if Liam Gallagher is indeed prepared to make a gig like this happen, it would see some of Manchester’s greatest acts reuniting for what would be one of the biggest rock shows of the 21st century. Could this indeed be the “something BIG” that Liam has planned for next summer? At this stage, only time will tell, but we’re tempted to start booking flights now just to be safe.

In the meantime though, be sure to catch Liam Gallagher when he hits up Aussie shores in 2018 for the Falls Festival, playing alongside Fleet Foxes and Run The Jewels.

Liam Gallagher’s debut solo record, As You Were, is out tomorrow. Check out the album’s lead single ‘Wall Of Glass’, below.