After years of threats to his brother, Liam Gallagher has finally made good on that solo career of his and dropped his debut video clip, ‘Wall of Glass’.

Of course, it’s a stomping, straight-ahead number that wouldn’t feel all that out of place on any number of albums made by Oasis or Liam’s former outfit Beady Eye, bolstered by the occasional dash of a soulful chorus and some beefy, bassy production.

I definitely got a chuckle from the video clip too which, aside from being incredibly slick, also sees Liam adopt his signature slouch to sing into one of those little holes they have in the glass in movies like Silence of the Lambs. Might be stretching the glass wall lyric a little too far there, Liam.

He debuted the track live in Manchester last night, among other solo material and various Oasis hits, and was even joined by that outfit’s founding guitarist Bonehead for a rendition of ‘Be Here Now’, before capping the night off with an a capella singalong of ‘Live Forever‘.

Of course, the night was a sombre affair in parts, held as a fundraiser for the victims of the recent bombings in Liam’s hometown of Manchester, and with 22 candles adorning the stage in their memory.

Gallagher spoke to BBC last night as the track premiered, talking them through his experience making music solo. Or rather, with a co-writer and producer, a role his brother and bandmates used to fill.

“I’d never be able to write a whole album, we’d be here all year,” he admits. “I’m not that prolific.”

And as for the song itself? “For me, it’s just a rock n roll tune, guitar music. Some people try to reinvent the wheel, but I just like to give it a good shine.”

Or should that be “she-iiiiiiiine”, Liam?