A few weeks ago, Foo Fighters surprised fans by dropping the vicious new song ‘Run’ out of nowhere. It’s one of the best singles the band has produced in years, with a hilarious nursing home clip to boot.

It would appear the song wasn’t just a placeholder single, as the band unleashed yet another new song during the Secret Solstice Festival in Iceland – one of many the band apparently have, if the on-stage deliberations are anything to go by.

“We only have 22 minutes left”, Grohl said to the audience, “but I want to play you all the new fucking songs.” They didn’t end up playing “all” the new songs, but they did play one, named ‘Lah Di Da’ on YouTube (which can’t be the title, or the spelling – but it’ll do for now).

With bouncy, melodic verses and a thrashing chorus, the song doesn’t exactly reinvent the Foo Fighters wheel, but when things are rolling this smoothly, why would you bother?

Check out the song, below.