For the first time in over forty years, the work of acclaimed Melbourne music photographer, Liz Reed, will be exhibited publicly. Reed, a photographer now in her early 60s, has spent the past forty years documenting the underground music scene of Melbourne. She’s photographed both artists who have gone on to achieve great international successes and artists who have stayed home to contribute to Melbourne’s rich music heritage. Reed doesn’t merely capture images. With each photo, she tells a story and affords us a window to the past.

The first, of what we hope to be many, exhibitions will be held TONIGHT –  Friday night (July 29) at Yah Yah’s, 99 Smith Street, Fitzroy and will feature images captured between the mid ‘90s and now. Over 100 images will be displayed featuring artists such as Tim Hemensley, Spencer P. Jones, Rowland S. Howard, Beasts of Bourbon, Gareth Liddiard, Joel Silbersher, Wally Meanie, Deniz Teh, lan Rilen and many others. There will be special performances by Spencer P. Jones, Joel Silbersher, Brian Hooper, James McCann and Wolfy & The Bat Clubs and punters will have the opportunity to purchase the prints.

Liz recently gave us an insight into her world and shared her treasure trove of memories and images. Watch this space for an upcoming interview with one of Melbournes most esteemed music photographers.