It seems that previously lost recordings, forgotten tracks, and the like are popping up on an almost weekly basis for some of the legendary bands that were wowing audiences decades ago.

The latest, according to NME, is a forgotten guitar solo originally recorded by George Harrison for Beatles’ classic “Here Comes The Sun”, has been uncovered while his son Dhani Harrison was at Abbey Road Studios listening to the old multi-track recordings with Beatles producer George Martin.

The recording is 43 years old and was ultimately left off and forgotten from the 1969 single from the groups 11th studio album Abbey Road. The discovery happened by chance when Dhani and George Martin came upon the solo while playing different parts of the multi-track.

George Martin remarked that he had forgotten all about the electric solo, while Dhani said he never knew it existed. Beatles die-hards might also enjoy hearing some extra instrumentation that was ultimately discarded for the Abbey Road track.

You can hear Harrison’s lost solo at about the 1-minute mark in the video below.