We’d like to know a little bit about you for our files, but we don’t like regurgitating press releases or asking the easy questions. At Tone Deaf we only ask the tough questions, so just hold still, grit your teeth, clench your buttocks and be still while we put on the rubber gloves, apply the thumbscrews, and pull out our thermometer while you open up and say ahhhhhhhhhhh… Truthful answers only or we drink your rider while you’re on stage.

Nathan Jolly from the band gives us the lowdown.

Who gets the most ‘off stage action’ in the band?  What’s the secret to their success?

The best way to ensure future ‘off stage action’ is not to speak about it during interview situations. This goes for all interviews; job interviews, meeting-the-girlfriends-parents or a simple enquiry from Optus. But mainly for these kinda interviews. So to answer your question….the sequel is better, coz he is lost in new york. Much larger palette for young Kevin to run wild in.

Have you ever been arrested? Where were you, and what was it for?

We all have numerous drugs and weapons charges. Thug life.

What’s been the worst day job you’ve ever had?

I am of the generation that doesn’t take bad day jobs.

Sex, drugs and groupies – In what order do you prefer them and how often?

Sex is overrated. Drugs are overrated. Groupies prefer to be called band aids and are all about the music. Also, why are sex and groupies two separate categories? Judging by your question, I feel you have already implied a pretty firm order here.

Take us back to the first gig you went to. Where was it and what was the venue?

It was Barnesy in an RSL, and seeing Farnham and Diesel didn’t join him for ‘When Something Is Wrong With My Baby,’ I’d prefer not to discuss it.

What’s your favourite site to download music from and do you ever pay for it? Can we find any of your releases there?

Just last night I downloaded the Timelife Singer/Songwriters collection, and no I didn’t pay for it. I would though, if that didn’t require mail-ordering it from the ‘90s. It was from an illegal site, by which I mean they were hosting the files illegally; I wasn’t on a child-porn site and stumbled across the singer songwriters collection. They barely host any music. And our EP is all over the torrent sites if you care to look for it.

What’s the furthest you’d go to win over a new fan?

Kiss them on the lips.

Right, here’s the plug section –  tell us about upcoming gigs/tours and releases.

Our EP ‘A Strawberry Situation’ is out through Half A Cow Records. We are launching it in pubs on Feb 12 at Excelsior, Glebe with Nic Dalton and his Gloomchasers, who are effortlessly excellent, and Robert F Cranny, who co-wrote a lot of songs you like. The following weekend (Feb 19) we play Lass O Gowrie Newcastle with Kettles and The Priory Dolls, from Melbourne. Both nights are free.