In Oasis’ glorious mid-to-late ’90s prime, the band had a flock of staff and various other hangers-on milling around them backstage, looking after their every whim – most of which probably involved fetching coke.

Nowadays, things are a little different for ex-frontman Liam Gallagher. The only white powder he’s fetching is probably sugar for his cups of tea, and even worse for the former wild man of rock – he now has to make it for himself.

As SPIN reports, Liam Gallagher dropped the below gem during a chat with the BBC backstage, complaining that, because the kids don’t buy records anymore, he can’t afford to hire a bunch of people to make his tea for him like he did in the glory days.

“Now in the ’90s I got someone else to fuckin’ do it,” he begins, “but now I can’t, fuckin’ money is tight, too tight to mention, gotta do it yourself, haven’t you? No one buys records these days.”

“In the ’90s I had about four people doing it—little geezer doing the kettle, our kid, some other little [bleep] doing that, and some little fuckin’ idiot doing that. Now you gotta do it fuckin’, now you got to do it yourself these days, y’know what I mean?

“‘Cause these little smartarses download fuckin’ tunes for nish,” he adds, “and they wonder why there’s no real rock ‘n’ roll stars around—’cause this is the shit you got us doing, fuckers.”

Not only does he have to make his own tea, but the poor bloke apparently keeps having his gear stolen backstage at festivals, too (and by ‘gear’ I mean clothing, by the way).

No wonder he’s been in such a foul mood lately, hitting out at modern rock bands in a vicious tirade, slamming DJs as “the new accountants”, and even dissing Australian beer ahead of his trip over for Falls Festival this year.

Check out the new clip below.