Ahead of Tone Deaf’s annual ‘Two Up’ Anzac Day Eve party on the 25th of April, which last year saw Ding Dong Lounge in Melbourne rammed to the gunwhales, we’re back to do it all again bigger and better. Headlining a massive line up is the debut Melbourne show for Machete Moon, a Sydney supergroup featuring Cec Condon (The Mess Hall) and Myles Heskett (Ex Wolfmother). A percussion and rhythm heavy outfit, they’re joined by Millie Hall (Bridezilla) on saxophone, Chris Ross (Ex Wolfmother) on keys and Bree Van Reyk (Holly Throsby) on percussion.

Throw in the psychedelic drones of The Laurels, as well as the garage nuggets of rising stars The Messengers, Dirt Farmer and The Red Aces and you’d have to agree, this is a ripper line up. Ahead of the show, we got Cec Condon of Machete Moon and The Mess Hall to interview Kate Wilson of The Laurels and vice versa. We don’t know what substances they were consuming doing it, but it’s a bloody funny read!

Cec Condon Interviews Kate Wilson

Kate, have you ever rested on your laurels?

No, as a band we tend to shy away from both possessive adjectives and casual intimacy.

This second question has three parts: Have you ever been to Laurel Canyon?

No, but our bass player Conor may have. He’s the worldly one.

If so, how does it compare to the movie “Laurel Canyon”?

I’ve not actually seen that film. It looks pretty amazing though. Lou Barlow and Sparklehorse! Wow! I’m reading a brief synopsis on the internet and it says there was a particular scene where the protagonist has a threesome with her partner’s mum and husband in a swimming pool. I just messaged Conor to enquire if this in any way mirrored his experience and he never wrote back.

And do you think Frances McDormand looks like she always has a mouthful of porridge?

Yes! From now on I will call her “Porridge-face McDormand”! As an aside, I just mentioned this to a friend who immediately chimed in his strong held belief that Lyle Lovett’s face looks like ‘a tired offering of bacon and eggs’. I was entirely unaware that this breakfast food/actor business was a “thing” until just now.

I once lost a toy tank in the roots of a Camphor Laurel tree at Kairi State School; what is the most valuable object that you have lost near a Camphor Laurel tree?

My friends and I spent many lunchtimes building a large village, replete with housing, vehicles, infrastructure, and families of little stick people underneath a Camphor Laurel tree at Epping Primary School. One day we arrived in the midst of a barreling storm to see that the vicious rains had spirited it to oblivion. We learnt the hardship of loss and the furious whimsy of mother nature that day. I guess you could say “a part of my childhood”.

Who is your favourite poet laurelate?

Edgar Allen Pole is great!

Would you ever consider calling your next album …and Hardy?

Yes. A thousand times yes! It’s going to be a rock opera based around Thomas Hardy’s “Jude the Obscure”. called “Laurels the Obscure”. We’re working on a sweet track called “I really want to have it off with my cousin”. Burnt copies available through the church!