What’s your name and what team do you play for?
Maddy Mac – Megahertz co-captain!

How Many Community Cups Have You Played?
This shall be my third – lost won, won one, and now the pressure’s on.

What Band Do You Play In or Radio Station Do You Disc Jockey For?
I present Australian music show Homebrew on PBS 106.7fm. Tune in Mondays 3-5pm.

What position Are We Likely To See You In? (On The Ground That Is…)
Er…I like to think I’m a handy wanderer. Always there when needed.

What’s Been The Key To Your Training Regime In The Build Up To The Match?
The Megahertz have been training/practicing/learning on Sunday mornings when we’d ordinarily be in bed. We’ve learnt to play while nursing hangovers, and we have a mighty sense of team that cannot be broken. This will be our strength.

Who’s Your Rock n’ Roll Footy Hero and why?
I love Chris Gil’s fro as he sprints the length of the ground. Deserving Steve Connelly medallist. Keep an eye out, you can’t miss him.

What’s The Worst Thing You’ve Done To Anyone Behind Play?
Haven’t had to go the dirty yet, we’re doing fine getting by on skill.