Sorry ladies (and some of you gentlemen). Marcus Mumford is off the shelf. He’s believed to have got engaged to Hollywood actress Carey Mulligan. The Mumford & Sons front man met the actress, who was nominated for an Oscar last year for her role in An Education, while he was on tour in Nashville, Tennessee earlier this year and the two are believed to have become inseparable.

A London Tabloid managed to secure footage of the two cavorting together and then had a snout reveal that they’d spent the weekend together in posh hotel in the UK countryside over the weekend. Quoting their usual anonymous sources, they say “Carey looked like the cat who had got the cream. She was wearing a beautiful ring and didn’t seem to mind who saw it. They were stuck to each other like glue. She was doing most of the talking and he was hanging on her every word.”

Twenty four year old Mumford only broke up with English chanteuse Laura Marling in December last year, although the two are reportedly still friends. His new fiancée, at 26, is slightly older, but no doubt used to the jet setting celebrity lifestyle that being a rock star entails, even if he does shun the spotlight.