Marilyn Manson has spent the last few decades as one of the most divisive figures in rock music, but since the release of his group’s ninth album The Pale Emperor in January of 2015, he’s been relatively quiet, but could all of that be about to change?

Back in November of 2015, Manson announced that the group was working on a new album, though very few details were known at that stage. Then, in November of last year, we managed to report on how Manson’s new album was going to be titled Say10, and was due for release in February of 2017. No you read that correctly, that was last month.

To be fair though, there had been reports that the album was somewhat delayed due to Manson’s work on the American TV show Salem, on which Manson composed the theme music, and plays a recurring character in the third season. The album was reportedly influenced greatly by the series while it was in its infancy, but considering that back in September they were apparently putting the ‘finishing touches’ on the record, we have to start asking why it isn’t here yet.

However, just two days ago, Manson took to Instagram to post a cryptic video, which can be seen below.

6:19. The time has come.

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The video is captioned with the phrase “6:19. The Time has come,” and has driven fans into a frenzy wondering just what the heck it means. Could it be the new release date for the record (which would translate to June 19th), or could it be something else entirely? At the very least, we know that Say10 is well overdue by this point, so we definitely agree with the sentiment that ‘the time has come’, so we can only wait and hope that we’ll be seeing the album drop soon enough.

In the meantime, reacquaint yourself with Manson’s most recently released single, ‘The Deil Beneath My Feet’, from their ninth album, The Pale Emperor.