You can never be too careful on the internet as guitarist Bill Kelliher for hard rock band Mastodon found out the hard way after he tried to sell a guitar on popular online auction site eBday.

According to Kelliher a kid in Germany bought the guitar but after the famous rocker shipped it over to him he asked eBay for a refund and sent back an empty guitar box pretending to return the item.

Now a frustrated Kelliher has reached out to fans of the band to help fight eBay Germany for the return of his guitar. Posting on the band’s official Facebook page Kelliher wrote about how he was shortchanged:

I recently sold a guitar on Ebay to a kid in Germany. now long story short, he didn’t like the guitar so asked for a refund. i gladly said “send the item back and i will give you a refund” well he opened a case and somehow Ebay Germany decided in his favor and refunded his money $1275 , WITHOUT EVER SENDING THE ITEM BACK!!!!!!

I’m not interested in hearing any shit talk about ebay or Germans. it’s really just the PRINCIPAL that i’m fighting for. to not let these things just go. maybe someday you will be in the same situation and be able to DO something about it. so please post only if you can help.

Believe me i have called Ebay, Paypal,German Ebay…you just get shuffled around and NO ONE wants to take the time to hear or see the evidence that i have about this petty shit.

Thanks for your time and help.

Hundreds of fans have commenting on the post as a show of support with one suggesting the guitarist organise a German tour so that the band can go to the kids house and beat the shit out of him. However in a bizarre twist the German kid has put up the guitar for auction on eBay using the very same account he used to rip off Kelliher.

The band have reported to auction to the website but Mastodon fans are already having fun with the situation. At the time of writing the highest bid for the guitar is over 1 millon Euro.

Mastodon travel to Australia next year as part of the Soundwave Festival tour.