Bat Out Of Hell singer Meat Loaf has collapsed on stage yet again, only days after a collapse in Pittsburgh which was described at the time as an asthma attack. The second collapse in three days was after a concert in New Jersey this time, suggesting that he has serious health issues. Fans are calling upon the ‘Paradise’ (By The Dashboard Light) singer to rest up after he collapses on to grass backstage at the New Jersey Balloon Festival on Sunday, suggesting that he may want to cancel dates in the wake of yet another health scare in several days.

Gossip website reports that he was placed on oxygen for 10 minutes before he was able to pull himself together and did not require further medical treatment. You can check out the pics of him collapsed on the grass here.

The singer, real name Marvin Lee Aday, has toured almost continually since 1977 and his punishing schedule and advancing age suggest that it is time to attend to his health.  Aussie fans can be particularly concerned as he is due here in October for an extensive series of winery and capital city entertainment centre dates, which at current rates may also put his health at risk.