Move over Stonefield, there’s a new kid on the block. While most bands can only dream of holding court with rock icon Gene Simmons or playing such legendary venues as LA’s Whiskey A Go-Go where Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, and The Doors cut their teeth, for a group of young rockers that dream has just come true.

Meet Haunted by Heroes, a group that hails from sunny California and whose members have a collective age of just 55 years. That’s right, all 5 members of the band are just 11-years-old. Even Joan Jett was already 17 when she started iconic young rock band The Runaways.

Being touted as the ‘worlds youngest rock band’ the group of friends met in kindergarten when they were just three-years-old and started jamming a few years ago when they were just starting primary school. They’ve even got sponsors onboard including with clothing brand Scarce who supplies the boys with all their stage outfits.

But the group haven’t let their age get in the way of success although their parents are quick to point out that school must come first. MSNBC recently ran a feature on the band and while they clearly have high aspirations to rock their parents have kept them remarkably grounded.

“School is really important and so is practice,” claimed rhythm guitarist Charley Haunted. “You can’t become a huge rock star without good grades.” The mantra appears to be well entrenced in each band member who have learnt from a young age that you’ve got to keep your parents happy or they’ll kick you out of the garage.

Keyboardist Brandon Haunted also offered some wise words – “Go with your dreams, no matter how old [you are].”

Haunted by Heroes have two songs available on iTunes and are planning to release their first full-length in the near future. You can watch the interview with MSNBC below.