We’ve all seen those scam emails over the years that have requested our money, attention, and effort into very little reward on our part. Well, one Melbourne band decided to turn that whole process on its head and used a scammer to help get their music played on triple j.

As Pedestrian reports, Melbourne band ALTA received a rather suspicious email recently, which inspired one half of ALTA to respond by having a little fun. In an interview with Pedestrian, Jules said “Well this barrister reached out to me on email to offer me an opportunity worth $10.2M! Strangely enough this opportunity coincided with the release of our new single ‘Fix It’. When it rains it pours right? Because he’s such a highly respected barrister I thought I’d try to get him to do me a favour and request our new single in to triple j.”

So Jules did what any forward-thinking person would do, and pretended to be a technologically-impaired older man. Jules then requested that the scammer, who went by the name of Barrister Kojjo Bayo, must send Jules’ ‘wife’ proof of his identity. However the number that Jules gave wasn’t to any wife, it was to the triple j request line, and Jules’ wife isn’t really called ‘Alta Fixit’.

Screenshot of an email sent by Melbourne band ALTA
Screenshot of an email sent by Melbourne band ALTA

So in case you’ve been hearing a little bit more of ALTA on triple j recently, you might just owe that to the hard work of a scammer. ALTA are playing Splendour In The Grass soon, but we’re pretty sure they scored that spot based on talent alone, and not thanks to any scammers.

Check out their track ‘Fix It’ below.