Can anyone believe that it’s been 30 years since Metallica formed? 30 years of releasing amazing records only to follow them up with disappointments. Given the timing you’d be forgiven for thinking that Metallica have somewhat dampened their 30 year celebrations just a little bit with their diversion with Lou Reed.

The resulting record, Lulu, has been almost universally panned and Metallica fans have stayed away from the record in droves. In the first week of sales they were barely able to shift 15,000 records, which compared 2008’s Death Magnetic which sold 490,000 copies in its first week and 2003’s St Anger, which was also lambasted by critics, which sold 418,000 copies makes the record a total flop.

But that hasn’t stopped the band from attempting to salvage the remaining credibility they have, kicking off a series of 30th Anniversary shows in San Francisco on Monday Night. During the performance they gave fans a rare treat by playing a previously unreleased song from the ‘Death Magnetic’ sessions, ‘Hate Train’.

The reaction to the track must have been good because the band have since emailed the studio rough-mix to members of their official fan club. Unsurprisingly one of the fans who received the track has uploaded it to Youtube for our listening pleasure.

Have a listen below, close your eyes, and forgive their sins with Lulu. It is their birthday after all.