No points for guessing what Metallica meant when they announced the name of their next tour today, as ‘worldwired’ doesn’t take a Sherlock-esque level of deduction to puzzle out. Metallica have a tour, it’s for their latest record Hardwired… To Self-Destruct, and they’ll be going global.

The short teaser vid below went out on their socials earlier among all the Grammy hubbub, letting us known that more details will be dropped in our laps on Monday, U.S. time – that gives us a little longer to twiddle our thumbs and hope that we’ll be seeing Metallica again soon.

We’d be pretty disappointed if worldwide, er, “worldwired” didn’t happen to include Australia on its itinerary, especially considering they haven’t been out here since 2013’s Soundwave appearance, and their last headline tour was back in 2010 on the tail-end of the years-long Death Magnetic tour.

Former Soundwave honcho AJ Maddah already weighed in on their next tour last year, telling everyone that they should expect a Metallica tour of Oz in 2017 and to “START SAVING YOUR PEENNIES”. The odds on his tip off have certainly firmed significantly following this latest crumb.

Let’s just hope that, unlike the disastrous performance we just saw at The Grammys, our stage crew actually turn James’ mic on.