Whoa! This one came out of left field!  Metal warriors Metallica had hinted in interviews earlier this year that they would be releasing an album that was “not really 100 percent a Metallica record.” While details had been kept under wraps until now, the new record has been reveled as a collaboration with none other than godfather on indie, punk and metal, Lou Reed. The former Velvet Underground front man has teamed up with the band in their San Francisco studio to create a full length album together. Posting on their website, the band have said:

Ever since we had the pleasure of performing with Lou at the 25th Anniversary of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at Madison Square Garden in October of 2009, we have been kicking around the idea of making a record together.  Some of you astute Bay Area residents may have picked up news of recent Lou Reed sightings in the greater San Francisco area and we have indeed been working at our home studio at HQ on and off over the last few months.  In what would be lightning speed for a Metallica related project, we recorded ten songs during this time and while at this moment we’re not exactly sure when you’ll hear it, we’re beyond excited to share with you that the recording sessions wrapped up last week.

A true innovator and easily one of the most influential songwriters, musicians, and performers in rock music history, Lou’s work with the Velvet Underground and as a solo artist has such an enduring quality that he has long been revered and respected by us and many of our peers.  We can’t wait for you to listen to the finished record, so as we like to hear ourselves say around here, keep watching this spot for updates . . . we’ll be back with more details as they come together.