If there’s one thing that gets Aussie music fans talking, it’s rumours of who will be heading to Australia for Splendour In The Grass each year. While the rumours have already been heating up, MGMT have now thrown their names into the pile of possibility after revealing they’re heading to Australia soon.

On Friday, MGMT released Little Dark Age, their fourth album, and first since 2013’s self-titled effort. Of course, with new records comes talk of new tours, and now, after an interview with The Music, Aussie MGMT fans are getting a little bit excited.

Speaking exclusively to The Music, vocalist Andrew VanWyngarden addressed rumours of an appearance at Splendour In The Grass by stating, “there is something in the pipeline.”

“I’m not sure when things are announced,” he continued. “But, yeah, we’ll be setting foot on Australian soil this year, for sure.”

MGMT haven’t toured Australia since 2013 when they were here for the Falls Festival, nor have they played Splendour In The Grass since 2009, so this would make for a perfect time for the group to return to Aussie shores.

In other Splendour In The Grass news, we recently reported on how we’re quietly confident that punters at this year’s festival might find themselves jamming out to tunes from the Arctic Monkeys. This speculation comes after the group released their upcoming tour dates, featuring a rather sizeable hole in prime Splendour territory.

Needless to say, whether MGMT and Arctic Monkeys may indeed be heading to Splendour In The Grass (seriously, how good does that lineup sound?), we can at least be confident that we’ll be hearing a little bit of MGMT’s new record, Little Dark Age, in the live setting before the year is out.

Check out MGMT’s new single, ‘Me And Michael’: