Michael Hutchence’s brother Rhett has marked the 20th anniversary of his untimely passing by posting an open letter to Michael that slams ex-manager Chris Murphy, the other guys in INXS, and Kym Wilson (the last person to see Michael alive).

He signs off by claiming, “your biggest secret is still safe and yet to be revealed, if ever”, as if this isn’t the most important part of the entire letter.

What secret? The mind boggles as to what it could be.

Check out the entire letter below, and start speculating! It’s what Michael would have wanted us to do…

Wowsers, 20 years. Who the where the how the what the fuck. Then again you always did tell me I would outlive everyone. I don’t think a day has passed without you in mind, sight or sound. If one thing has continued to live since you passed, it’s your music. a wonderful legacy. The fact that you still come to me at times to show I am heading in the right direction, or down the wrong path, instills our connection.
I am not sure you would like today’s world. You would be so angry and your lyrics would scream injustice, and a call for peace. We have been watching the world argue since you first sang of it, but it’s gotten worse. And it seems we have basically fucked up this planet, proving that man cannot live in harmony, and money and greed rules.

Speaking of greed, your “friend” Colin Diamond turned out to be a bad choice to handle your affairs. After you left, Colin divided the family, and then basically stole everything you ever worked hard for. He deleted the Hutchence name from your Chardonnay Trust and sold your complete back catalog of music publishing royalties, meaning no Hutchence will ever receive any royalties payments ever again from any of your songs. I am so sorry. Gone forever. Can you believe that? And though you nag me ‘it’s not too late, do something’. I fear it is. The only way for any change to come is if all the beneficiaries stand together, but hard as that may seem, I will continue trying to unite us, oust that conman and hold Colin responsible for his actions.

The band, your, ‘brothers’, continue to not want to speak with me. Murphy too. I can see no reason why all 6 would want that, but I fear it they are worried I may bring up financial questions that they cannot answer properly. It is probably something to do with Jon having similar business with Colin Diamond, and by unraveling your mess, his affairs would be brought to light. I think it strange that not one in 20 years have ever made any effort to tell any of the family that they were concerned about your estate, or lack thereof. They must have known you were worth more than nothing. I would love to hear your song about that. Not one of them has ever made any attempt to contact your daughter.

Kym Wilson continues to remain tight lipped as well. Unless it’s a story for a shitty magazine and money. But I believe I know why now, as I only discovered this year that she was spotted by the CCTV operator returning alone to your hotel an hour after initially leaving with Andrew. Made me wonder, so I went back over their statements. Oddly they both arrive in Kyms car, and Andrew left in his car and Kym left in hers. Conflicting reports are best kept quiet if you don’t want the truth out. Ooops.

Our children are all good friends and see each other, except Banjo, whom Tiger is still to meet. I imagine they all will continue to be best friends forever, which is nice to know. It was something that I wanted to set up. Job done.

I have learned a lot in these 20 years. And I have learned a lot about you. I have read every statement, looked at every photo, watched hours of video, and travelled the world talking to most people near to you, up until. Your drug use shocked me, some roads I thought you’d never take. I guess you never healed your hurt. I wish the world had known more about the dangers of Prozac and suicidal tendencies back then. I wish you had of had some more sleep, and not had a groggy head full of coke induced bad outcomes. I wish you had heard what you wanted to hear that night. But you thought ‘Fuck it fuck you all’ and like a Hutchence, did things your own way. I know now what happened. I know it was a drug and alcohol induced combination downward spiral that showed little light at the end of the tunnel. If only you knew what a gorgeous day it was in Sydney that day and support was there.

All your other friends, the real ones, are good, but no doubt hurting today for their loss. Like a meteor, the impact and impression you left will remain in their hearts forever.
I am good. On the right path now. I found and unleashed a creative streak that now keeps me occupied and doing those simple things that you always wanted me to experience, get a job, pay rent, buy food. And thanks, I gotta say I like life and life’s offerings. It is the challenge you warned offering the benefits you mentioned.

I wish I had of been there for you. I know I could have helped your pain as you did mine. I am not angry for how you left. I am sad when you left. And I’m happy for what you left.
Thank you for the laughs, advice, help, hugs, words, wisdom, world, music, and mostly, brotherly love.

Your biggest secret is still safe and yet to be revealed, if ever

Until then
Rest In Peace Michael
It won’t be easy, but find the time
Love you with all my heart